Social Influences on Behavior Essay

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Social Influences on Behavior Social psychology examines the influence of social processes on the way people think, feel, and behave. (Kowalski, Westen 2011) One example of how human behavior can change based on social situations could be a couple in a restaurant with one of them being very outspoken and verbally abusive to everyone. The second example is a person going on a blind date and she had a different outlook of her date than the description that was given to her. For first example it shows how people react differently in a social setting than in private when they are humiliated. A couple goes to a restaurant to meet some friends. The wife is extremely verbally vocal and shows little concern for the feelings of others especially her husband. The husband is mild mannered and a natural people pleaser. At home or in a private setting the husband will defend himself and push back on the verbal attacks of his wife. Usually it is after she provokes him and he will defend their children or other family members. When he goes against what she says, her anger flares and she will say anything that comes to mind no matter how hurtful the words are. After a while of this back and forth the husband leaves or walks away, this makes her even more upset and she start screaming at him as he walks away. But in public or in a social setting his reactions to her actions are totally different. While sitting in the restaurant and she began her usually tyrants of debatable conversation topics, as soon as the husband says something that is the opposite of what she says she starts in on him, except this time he just says nothings because at this point he is feeling embarrassed and do not want to fuel the fire. He gives short word answers that soon start agreeing with her and telling her she is right just to get her to calm down. She doesn’t stop, we want to get up from the

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