Social Influences in Psychology

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Social Influences on Behavior Social influences on behavior This paper will attempt to explore and explain basic concepts of human interactions regarding a perspective on psychology and examples given regarding how human behaviors change based on different social situations, including specific behaviors, environments in which the behaviors occurred, associated phenomenon associated with behaviors, and if the behavior exhibits any necessary therapeutic intervention. Social Influences on Behavior Social psychology and sociology are very similar and travel the same path. Conformity may make a new situation easier and combining the identity to a group is a social identity theory. An individual’s behavior often changes by changing the individual’s environment or group setting. Humans crave social interactions; to withhold social interaction is a squandered effort. The study of social behaviors and human groups is known as sociology and is very broad. Sociology and social psychology go hand in hand. The principles are similar; but they are not identical. Socioeconomic class along with stratification have meaning only because of social psychology within the individual (Schaefer, 2011) and when motivating a group that surrounds an individual this is called conformity (kowalski & Westen. 2011) One might take part in the social strategy of blaming the victim when justifying an action. When considering conformity this can backfire if the out-group vises impose upon a person who is seeking to fit into a group. An example of this type of conformity happens considering bigoted lines of religion or race. However, one must assume that the environment is diverse then one will seek a group to join or follow a model. One begins a new career while in mid-twenties and has no friends or acquaintances at this new location. The first day on-the- job one may be
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