Social Influence On Behavior

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Social Influences on Behavior Paper Social Influences on Behavior Paper Everywhere we go we see people interacting with one another. The purpose of this paper is to explore how situations and environment can change how one would normally react. We will look at the influence others have on the recreational use of prescription medication for the need to self medicate, and the need to pretend they are someone they are trying to get away from for the need of social acceptance. Social Influences on Behavior Paper Clonazepam, Risperdone, Seroquel, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone. What do these have in common? They are all controlled substances available only by prescription or unfortunately available if you know the right people and have some cash on hand. People will pay for these pills, they will use whole paychecks, lose their jobs, family, everything. This paper is about two very specific situations, regarding one specific person. We will call this person Andy, and he is a member of my family. Andy is a dual diagnosis, meaning he not only is addicted to drugs and alcohol but he has severe depressive disorder as well. Andy recently got out of a program and the first week went off without a hitch, then he started going to meetings, and the situation arises. Andy hasn’t dated anyone for about two years, and he meets two girls at one of his AA meetings, suddenly he starts cleaning himself up, dressing better seems a little more cheerful and everyone is happy for him, then he stays out late one night, comes home and does not sleep all night. The next day people notice he falls asleep just sitting in the chair, taking a drink, and smoking a cigarette, no matter what he did he fell asleep. He is trying to appear cheerful but he just couldn’t do it, he couldn’t stay awake. He was brought to my house and when I checked his blood pressure it was very low, so I asked
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