Social Inequality Essay

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The focus of this paper is speculate on the inequitable rights that corporations have bestowed upon to its workers. During the tragedy of a workplace many workers are disadvantaged to say the least when management makes their decisions. They often times make decisions that have a bias towards the CEOs only. Thus Giving the butt end to the many lower class workers, the new workers as well as the black and female workers. It is made obvious through these documents and the newspaper article that “pensions a benefit given to all experienced workers in a company have their detriment in most cases to both the upper class and the lower class”. This is shown by the lower class workers choice to avoid ones opportunity to vote for the conditions of a pension, the disadvantages that even the upper class are faced in the company’s pensions and the lack of stability and compensation that all lower class workers receive. Non participation in pension Many people in a corporation are given some form of a pension but in the end its not the important unless you receive the freedom that comes with it and little risk financially. Most however are forced to keep their nose to the grindstone since only some are given the conditions of pensions that have most are satisfied by. (Baldwin,Bob,2005). This enables people to see that pension is viewed as a gift by most workers although it should be a right bestowed by corporations. After all it is shown that choice to retire is an incentive to retire for some people that is driven by the need to exit an unpleasant atmosphere. In some cases instances where the extent of which work experience has created poor health status is also a cause for retirement. Many other reasons that have disturbed work employees out of employment include: fewer days without affecting pension, shorter days without affecting pension, and more vacation leave without

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