Social Inequality Essay

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Today, obesity and diabetes are issues that are continuingly growing. These problems tend to be associated with people of low-income because of poor nutrition and their poor diets. Unlike people of higher incomes, low-income people do not have the opportunities of supplying their bodies with the healthiest and most nutritious foods because these foods are not available to them. Another reason why low-income families tend to be overweight, obese, or have diabetes is because the majority of healthy food is too expensive to supply their family. Low-income consumers make their food decisions on price and quantity verse quality. Unfortunately, that is not the way to go! Cheap foods are stuffed with sugar, saturated fats, and mainly consist of empty calories which are unhealthy and cause weight gains. Money does play a role on our diets and health. Through research and studies, people who are overweight, obese, or diabetic are more likely associated with people of low-incomes. “There is a strong link between income and health. In fact, there is a good deal of truth in the claim that “wealth means health.” Poverty, disease, and illnesses often go together” (Macionis, 2010, p.37.) The reason why is because low-income individuals generally have poor diets due to the consumption of foods that they purchase. These foods have poor nutritional values that do not benefit your body with giving it the right nutrients it needs to function properly. Unfortunately for low-income people, healthy foods such as “organic or all-natural” foods are too expensive to provide their bodies with, so they deal without them. Since this is true for low-income communities, it makes it easier to become overweight or obese for these people because they do not eat as much healthy foods as they should be. The combination of poor nutritious foods results in constant weight gains due to the

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