Social Inequality Essay

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Physical appearance can be related to social status in many ways. The looks and appearance of the person shows the kind of social status that the person holds. This paper discusses the ways in which physical appearance is related to social status and gives examples to reinforce this notion.Ways in which physical appearance is related to social status. Human physical appearance refers to the physical outlook in terms of body appearance and other physical appearances. Social status is closely related to physical appearance in several ways. The way somebody appears especially the facial features in a large extent determines how he/she will be perceived in society. Through a person’s physical appearance, society gets a yardstick to which measures of attractiveness can be gauged. This is vital in creating relationships as well as inspiring confidence and signs of approval in individuals (Berry, 2008). People who are considered as being handsome or beautiful in society are regarded to be of higher status than those who are regarded as being ugly. Other features of the body such as height and body size also influence the person’s perception by others in society. Physical appearance gives someone the confidence in the environment that they operate within. Physical appearance might not be the only determinant of how high or low someone may be classified in terms of status but it is very crucial. Other factors also come into place. They include aspects such as education level and income of the person. If one attains very high education qualifications in society, the person is held in high respect thus acquires a higher status that someone who has very little or no education at all (Berry, 2008). On the other side, if one has high income or is regarded as having a lot of wealth, the person will have a higher social status. The special physical features that one possesses
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