Social Inequality Essay

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Abstract In a group of several individuals, we can expect diversity. Differences may come from an endless list of possibilities which may include, place of birth, social status, language, culture, height, weight, and age. Few personal characteristics are more associated with success in life than beauty and brains. Although both are heritable and relatively stable during our lifetimes, the benefit of being beautiful – and the penalties for homeliness-seem unfair. Almost every parent has assured their child at some point that “what counts is what’s inside,” which we take to mean intelligence and personality. While these characteristics do have an influence on the success of a career, attractiveness makes a difference too. I hope in sharing my interviews and my own story I will be able to show how three differently diverse females can strive for the same things in life. Sections I – Dimensions of Social Inequality Most of my life I never gave much thought to what category I fell into. I graduated from high school with the same kids I went to kindergarten with, and lived in the same house for most of that time. For most of my school years my friends and I lived the same lifestyles and we all enjoyed the same social statuses. I guess we would have been classified as white middle class. Both of my parents worked, owned their own home, and provided for my brother and me. It was not until about my sophomore year in high school that I even realized not everyone had as good a live as I did. That was the year my school was “integrated” with kids from the “south side of town”, or as I heard many adults, including teachers, refer to “the kids from the wrong side of the tracks.” I am ashamed to say that is the first time I realized not everyone had the same privileges in life. I soon made friends with several students from the other schools and was

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