Social Facilitation Essay

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Social Facilitation. General questions. 1. An example of social facilitation the size of audience, the larger the crowd will increase arousal. The increased arousal will have different effects on different performers; an expert’s performance will increase where as for a novice performance may deteriorate. For me I think it would increase my performance. 2. An example of social inhibition from my experience is playing away at Marlborough, the crowd was very hostile and negative towards us and this led to decease in my performance. 3. An example of evaluation apprehension is when my parents watch me play a rugby match; I try harder and am wiling to do make more tackles in rugby for example. 4. The Homefield Advantage Phenomenon suggests that performers do better on their home ground than away due to fan support. For example the first team on upper one then away. This is thought to be function of increase arousal. Exam style questions. 1. Social facilitation, the audience tends to have a positive effect on skilled performers, however it can affect their level of performance. 2. 3. Strategies that a coach could use could be train in front of a crowd, train in varying conditions, coach them/teach them selective attention so the filtered out distractions and concentrate on the basics. 4. The social facilitation theory believes that other people have affects on behavior. A positive influence on performance is called facilitation an example of this is on upper one against Radley with a large crowd of support behind us. This lead to our performance to increase and we scored in the final play of the game. A negative influence on performance is called inhibition an example of this is away at Marlborough, the crowd was behind Marlborough and very hostile towards us. This can lead to performance decrease and therefore can lead to losing. A large crowd
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