Social Facilitation Essay

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Social facilitation is the tendency for people to achieve much better on tasks when in the presence of others. Even the simplest tasks. Therefore, some people will do much better in things that they are already good at and some would do worse. Basically, the idea is that the presence of people has an impact on performance of a person. We are designing a computer typing experiment, which has a purpose of clarifying social facilitation. This experiment could be done within 50 minutes or even less. First of all, we will have four to six students that are already fast at typing. We will first give them a paragraph of a 100 words that they would have to type up themselves when they are alone and also time themselves. After that, we would take them to the promenade in Zayed University. There we will have tables set up with ready charged laptops and chairs. We would randomly make people pass by and come have a look at the experiment. Other than that, there will be other people who are already sitting in the promenade that will already stare without being asked to. However, experimental students will be asked to sit and will be given another paragraph of 100 words again but different than the earlier one. Incase if we give them the same they would remember it and the experiment could be ruined. So they will be given the same level, length of paragraph, not easier than the one before and nor difficult. The papers of the paragraph will be printed, ready beside the laptop. By then, they would be asked to start typing. Each member from the group that is conducting the experiment will have stopwatch for each experimental student. Therefore, after they are done, we will compare between the time it took them to type when they were alone and when they were in the promenade while others were watching them. After given the instructions and they are completely done from the
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