Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Essay

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Case Study 2: Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Abstract Social engineering and Counterintelligence Social engineering defines a non-technical type of incursion that depends severely on human communication and frequently includes misleading other people to break standard security procedures. A social engineer runs a "con game." According to Rouse’s example in her article – “A person using social engineering to break into a computer network might try to gain the confidence of an authorized user and get them to reveal information that compromises the network's security (Rouse, 2006)”. Social engineers regularly depend on the usual usefulness of people in addition to their weaknesses. Social engineering is an element of many types of exploits. Hackers that write Viruses use social engineering strategies to sway people to run malware-laden email attachments, phishers use social engineering to persuade people to reveal sensitive evidence, and fright ware vendors use social engineering to scare people into running software that is inadequate at finest and unsafe at worst (Rouse, 2006). Another characteristic of social engineering depend on on people's incompetence to carry on with a culture that depend on severely for information technology. Social engineers depend on the circumstance that folks are not conscious of the importance of the information they own and are inconsiderate about guarding it (Rouse, 2006). Commonly, social engineers will search dumpsters for useful information that they memorize by looking over someone's shoulder that is also called shoulder surfing, or take advantage of people's natural preference to choose passwords that are significant to them but can be easily guessed. As a division of
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