Social Engineering Essay

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Introduction We are living a world where technology is all around us and continuously developing. A person could walk in a local Best Buy and purchase the best and newest products on the market to date, take their products home and see a commercial on TV for a newer and improved version being release the following month. It’s practically impossible to keep up. When it comes to information technology, it seems as if the more the development of the actual technology, the more ways that said technology can be compromised. Hackers are continuously developing ways to penetrate technologies to keep with the constant changes. However, there is one from of compromise that doesn’t really much on technology at all. That form of intrusion is called social engineering. What is social engineering? Social engineering is a nontechnical form of intrusion that relies mainly on human interaction. The goal of social engineering is to trick people into giving you whatever information is need in order to penetrate a network. It became popular in 1979 when a 16 year old named Kevin Mitnick gained access to his first computer system. He was given the phone number for the Ark, a computer system that DEC used for software development from a friend. He then used social engineering techniques to break into DEC’s computer network and went on to copy the firm’s software. He was later convicted of this crime and sentenced to prison time. Social engineering is basically a form of manipulation and conning. It mainly relies on the inabilities of people to keep up with a culture that relies heavily on information technologies. This raises an ethical issue due to the fact that hackers are using people for research purposes against their will. Access to networks and important classified information can be gained by using several forms of dishonest methods. Bribery,

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