Social Emotional Development 0-19 Years

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Age | Social-Emotional Development | 1–1.5 months | - smile in response to an adult- are beginning to show a particular temperament- for example, placid or excitable. | 3 months | Respond with obvious pleasure to loving attention and cuddles.Smile at familiar people and at strangers. | 6 months | Offer toys to othersAre more wary of strangersShow distress when their mother leaves | 9–10 months | Play alone for long periodsEnjoy pointing at objectsShow definite likes and dislikes at meals and at bedtimes | 1 year | Are emotionally labile- that is, they are likely to have fluctuating moodsAre still shy with strangersPlay pat-a-cake and wave goodbye, both spontaneously and on request | 18 months | Are aware that others are fearful or anxious foe them as they climb on or off chairs etc.Alternate between clinging and resistance | 2 years…show more content…
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