Social Deviations Essay

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I have to admit initially when I discovered what this assignment would be about I resisted the idea completely. “Why on earth would anyone want to be abnormal” was my first thought. Most of my friends and family would already consider me a little on the weird side, and all of them would definitely agree that I could use some help in the area of normality. Nevertheless, with a new baby, being frazzled is a constant side effect and to make matters worse I am always a little loud, rambunctious, and fidgety due to a five second long attention span. All joking aside, I was up for the challenge and upon completion of this project I realized I am not as “strange” as I have been previously labeled. In order for someone to understand this paper they must first understand the meaning of Deviance. According to Wikipedia deviance (in regard to a social setting) pertains to actions or behaviors that disobey cultural norms (Wikipedia, 2009). Norms are rules of conduct that are not always universal. They change when the wind blows or when someone popular decides “pink is the new green”. These constantly changing, loose fitting views on society are a reflection of who we are as people. They are based on biases and individual interests, and most of the time they are inconsiderate and very one-sided. Varying from one cultural class to the next, from one social class to another they define the actions of those around us. Despite ones efforts to conform to a different class of society they are contextual. Meaning a deviant act can be committed in one society or culture that breaks a social norm there, but may be considered normal for another culture and society. For example in 2003 Hughes Electronics and Boeing Satellite Systems were accused of illegally exporting missile technology to China. These two companies’ were leading the United States in aerospace technology
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