Social Determinants of Health Form a Phc Perspective Essay

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Income and Social Class from a Primary Health Care Perspective Centennial College “Income is a powerful social determinant of health; poverty has been described as the single largest determinant of health due to its pervasive effect on many other social determinants of health” (Degani & Shack, 2012, p. 60). According to the Public Health Agency of Canada “there is strong and growing evidence that higher social class and economic status is associated with better health” (Canada Public Health Agency). Primary Health Care (PHC) first described in the Declaration of Alma Ata, produced at the WHO-UNICEF conference in Alma Ata, Kazakastan in 1978; defined PHC as “essential care based on practical, scientifically sound and acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation”(world Health Organization, 1978 pg2). In order to discuss Primary Health Care, the five principles must be incorporated. This paper will examine the social health determinant income and social status from a primary healthcare’s perspective in relation to accessibility; public participation, health promotion, appropriate technology and intersectoral collaboration; it will also highlight strategies for change from an interdisciplinary perspective that could be implemented. “Accessibility implies healthcare that is available regardless of finances; geography and culture that is appropriate and acceptable to all” (Ross-Kerr & Wood, 2010, p.186). Although Canada has a universal healthcare coverage; and promotes equality for all, health care is not always accessible to all. From a financial perspective people of lower income and social class does not have access to specialized treatments that their wealthier counterparts do. Where specialized treatment is needed; for example, dental surgery, a person in the lower

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