Social Control In Brave New World Essay

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English 4U 1 April 2012 World State’s Motto: Community, Identity, Stability, Reinforced through Social Control in Brave New World The novel Brave New World anticipates the future and a new society revolving around technology that shapes the way everything is done. In the novel, various forms of social control are used to dictate the way the society runs, all based on different social classes, in which individuals are genetically modified to conform to a specific caste. This futuristic society revolves around the planetary motto: Community, Identity Stability. The motto suggest that everyone must live together as a community but within the community there must be customized group identities in order for stability to be upheld. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, many forms of social control including Eugenics, Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning, and Hypnopaedia…show more content…
In this society, world controllers regulate the world and ensure the stability of society through the establishment of a caste system, where the higher the class, the more intelligent and hard-working an individual is. This type of society is produced through conditioning embryos, depending on which caste system the individual will belong to; meaning everyone within each caste system is genetically the same. There is no free will, and each individual is generally the same within each class system. This type of society forces people to conform to one identity, giving them no choice to be who they aspire to be. If you are genetically produced to be an Alpha, you will be intelligent and hard working, whereas an Epsilon will be basically mindless and lazy. The biological techniques used to control the population in Brave New World is definitely an unrealistic, yet frightful look into the
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