Social Constructionism Essay

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Let me begin by looking at the key words that make up the word social constructionism; social and construct. Social refers to interacting with other people and living in communities whereas construct refers to perception of an individual, group or an idea constructed through cultural or social practices (“Reference of Terms”, 2015). Hence, social constructionism, a postmodernist phenomenon, examines the development of jointly constructed understanding and meaning of the self and the world. It assumes that understanding, significance and meaning are not developed within the individual but in relation to or in coordination with other human beings (“Social Constructionism”, 2014). Unlike essentialism and structuralism views, social constructionism seeks to explain people as socially constructed beings who derive meaning of their lives through their interactions in social institutions like culture, politics, religion, family and with other human beings. In other words, social constructionism views people as relational beings whose thought processes, identities, behaviour, perceptions of reality and image of self and others is constructed as they journey with others in their lives. Social constructionism is embedded in the view that human beings rationalize their existence by creating a model of their social world and how it functions and that language is the essential system through which they construct reality (Burr, 2003). Narrative psychology uses this as a platform for ensuing agency in people as it recognizes the power of discourses to shape reality (Corey, 2013). This essay looks to explain the key concepts of social construction and aspires to link them to the therapeutic practices of narrative therapy. Post-modernism and post- structuralism challenge conventional knowledge of ‘I think therefore I am’ and my worldview is built from my reason alone and I

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