Social Construction in the Media

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Social Construction in the Media Perception of the world is a direct result of one’s own beliefs. In today’s society, many of our beliefs are constructed by mainstream media who use outlets like television, radio, and movies to create our reality for us. Due to this, we are unable to accurately recognize the true reality of what we are observing and are unable to remain objective. Since the media provides us with such a steady stream of images of what our world should be, we feel the need to conform our identity to the false reality that the media creates for us. Our awareness becomes skewed towards whatever perception the media tells us is true. Even in movies like “La Mission” which make an honest attempt to recreate situations based on real people, I find that they still exaggerate gender, sexuality, and life because it is fiction. “La Mission” is a drama about Che, a recovering alcoholic with a prison record who finds out that his only son, Jess is gay. Che is an aggressive Mexican-American bus driver who symbolizes the patriarchal culture that surrounds him. This is a culture that is “male-dominated, male-identified, male centered, and control-obsessed. Above all, patriarchal culture is about the core value of control and domination in almost every area of human existence” (Johnson 34). Che established his dominance early in a situation on his bus where a couple of teenagers refuse to obey his “No Music” sign. Che pulls the bus over and confidently walks through the crowd to the back of the bus where the teenagers are blasting their rap music. Upon one glaring look from Che, the teenagers immediately recognize him as an OG (original gangster) who has a violent reputation. They not only turn off their boom box but they exit the bus without Che having to say a word. Che struts back to his driver’s seat and everyone on the bus ignores the situation

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