Social Concepts Essay

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-What makes a perfect person? Have you met the perfect person? If so, what made them perfect to you? If not, does the perfect person exist somewhere out there? Find a song where the lyrics describe how you feel about the said perfect person, and explain how you would treat them if they were in your life as your significant other. “Everything a girl could want Baby boy is outa control It ain't hard to tell he’s fine as hell From his head down to his toes He’s so incredible Outta control Whatever you want Baby a few months Swear I’d never let you go Usually I maintain But your beauty I can't ignore It's a coincidence That you remind me of everything I really want It's so incredible From your head to your toes Baby you so fine if you were mine I’d never let you go Hold on never let you go You’d give me a reason for everything For me to hold on Too hard to handle Too cold to hold For better or worse You'd always be first babe You’d be the only one I want The closest to my heart No matter right or wrong Rich or poor I’d never let you go.” The concept of the perfect person is based strictly on the value of opinion. For many of us, perfect doesn’t exist. The definition of perfect suggests flawlessness. Every human being has flaws, whether they are big or small, they exist in all of us. For me personally, I do believe the perfect person exists. It depends on personal thoughts. Had this question crossed my path a few months ago, I might have had a different answer. The greatest thing about life is that you never know where it’s going to take you or what is going to come next. Each day is a new start, and there is always a tomorrow to look forward to. We meet people that cross our paths everywhere we go. The supermarket, school, shopping mall, social websites, everywhere. No matter where we meet someone, or how, I learned
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