Social Commentary: Does Color Really Matter?

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Ravi Khurana November 21, 2013 Mr. Wass Social Commentary Does color really Matter? Once again an African American male is refused a job, or a female is denied the right to be president. The general stigma towards female groups as well as derogatory thoughts towards African Americans is holding back the general American society from excelling as well as preventing it from living with integrity and actualizing its full potential. Although the time of unequal rights has passed, it is still very evident that these individual groups of people receive much more hate then needed and they are not supported in their actions. This flaw in society causes an extreme lack of integrity as well as deteriorating the achievements possible of this nation.…show more content…
In the society today, social norms are determined by the aesthetic appearance of a person, black or white, as well as social economic class. This is mostly a circle of events because African Americans are not given the chance to prosper there for are insufficient in both groups by their skin tone and economic class. This, over time, also leads to a gap in accumulated wealth. In a 2010 study, The Other Pay Gap, researchers found that while the median net worth of single white women between the ages of 36-49 is $42,600, the median net worth of single women of color in the same age range is $5. While this is a median, meaning there are figures above and below $5, the pay and wealth gap is a tragic reality for women of color (The pay gap, 2013). From the same study, researchers determine the wages of the different social classes. “Recent census data shows that while white women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to men, black women earn 64 cents and Latinas earn 55 cents compared to the earnings of white men” (The pay gap, 2013). Another instance is from the debate over African American importance to history. A quote from Franklin Roosevelt said, “If we do not learn from past mistakes, history is doomed to repeat itself” (History Importance, 2011). In this case, slavery was the mistake along with all other racial profiling. I believe that African Americans have much more integrity due to their inspiration and history, therefore they would be a substantial institution to the equal working force as whites. If blacks are not given equal working privileges, history will repeat itself and may result in another civil war. In my opinion, the African Americans deserve to be given a chance to shine in the general public. This change has begun to be presented as shown in this 2013 study. “According to the Center of American Progress, 1.9 million firms are majority owned by women of color and
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