Social Commentary and Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Marriage and Social Commentary Everyday there is a new social cause added on to society no matter what the cause is. Social causes differ from all types of categories and change based on what the social eye believes or sees. Social Commentary is a category in which social changes occur, Social Commentary is defined as a rebellion toward an individual or group. People fight for what they believe in and a topic that recently has been brought to attention of society is Amendment one. This Amendment fights against gay marriage and says that gay marriage is not allowed. “The federal government says, should not be allowed to marry for a number of different reasons. They argue that it goes against our traditional and religious definition; that homosexuals cannot contribute to the survival of the human race; that allowing gay marriage will ultimately corrupt our society ("For Gay Marriage"). But really how would gay marriage have anything to do with “our traditional religious definition?”. People should be able to make their own decision and live a life based on what they believe in and be whom they want to be. Society's point of view on gay marriage is brain washing. The only reason some people are against gay marriage and some people are for gay marriage is because of their life experiences and what they have been brought up to believe or what other people has persuaded them to believe. Some people now are so immune to believing everything that the news or press says that they just brain wash everything that isn't or is the truth. If gay marriage is such a big deal to the human race then why are we just now worrying about if two men or two women can wedlock? People have became so ignorant and now learn to treat the homosexual as a separate species. Homosexuals now feel hated and disliked just because they are different and desire something abnormal.

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