Social Cognitive Views of Learning Essay

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Running head: ESSAY (subject) (student name) (institution name) (date) ESSAY Topic One Social Cognitive Views Of Learning According to Albert Banduras social cognitive theory, personality development, growth, and change are influenced by developed language ability, observational learning and purposeful behavior.( Plotnik, R., Kouyoumdjian, H. 459). Teachers should understand that learning involves processing of numerous information in which information about the reality in the world around you is transformed into symbols that act as guides for future references. Modelling Approach and Vicarious Reinforcements The modeling approach involves letting the students get to watch a suitable model that better addresses this concept demonstrate. Through observation students will acquire the knowledge, skills, rules, and strategies to enable them perform the concept that was shown to them. In the classroom a teacher can employ this approach through encouraging students who are in position to perform some tasks easily to do it a the children foolow. This will motivate them since if it was something that seemed complex but one of them can do it, then it is possible. The behaviours that children may also happen to learn through modeling are new cognitive skills and behaviours how to handle and control emotions, environmental conservation and strengthened or weakened previously learnt inhibitions. This is because they are bound to be attracted to the concept, retain methods of executing it and analyse themselves on how well they can perform it to enable them improve their self-efficacy. The influence of the actions that children often see largely determine what will guide them in performing certain actions. Vicarious reinforcement involves rewarding a role model so that a child will want to be rewarded for doing something good too. A teacher can employ vicarious

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