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Social Cloud is a cloud service that helps you manage and scale your relationship with customers on social media channels. Oracle has integrated the best-in-class social relationship management (SRM) components - social listening, social engagement, social publishing, social content & apps, and social analytics - into one unified cloud service to give you the most complete SRM solution on the market. Social Cloud: Social Networks and Cloud Computing Connections Millions of people are connected to the Internet and a lot of those people are connected on social networking sites. Social networks have become an excellent platform for sharing and communication that reflects real world relationships. Social networking plays a major part in the everyday lives of many people. Facebook is one social networking site that has more than 400 million active users. The possibility of social media and cloud integration is compelling. Social networks are being more than an online gathering of friends. It’s becoming a destination for ideation, e-commerce and marketing. For instance, there are some organizations and integrated applications that make use of Facebook credentials for authentication rather than requiring their own credentials (for example the Calgary Airport authority in Canada uses Facebook Connect2 to grant access to their WiFi network). There is a certain report which aims to create a Social Storage Cloud that looks at probable mechanisms to be used in creating a dynamic cloud infrastructure in a Social network environment. It is believed that combining the pre-established trust with suitable incentive mechanisms can be a way to generate sustainable resource sharing mechanisms. Social network is a dynamic virtual organization with inherent trust relationships between friends. This dynamic virtual organization can be created since these social networks

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