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Ever since elementary school Raphael has been shy and didn’t like to talk to people, even his own classmates. Due to that Raphael never had many friends, which was okay with him; he was content with himself--until he was in high school. Once he got there he wasn’t so shy anymore and he realized that everyone was always paired off in little groups, he wanted friends too. Due to the loneliness, Raphael decided that he was finally ready to make some friends and hang out with other people. But of course everyone already had friends and nobody would let him in their group, this made Raphael upset. Finally, one day though Raphael did make a friend and was happily accepted into a Social clique. Which made him very happy and then he started doing better in school and enjoyed the experience a lot more. A clique is a group of friends or just people who share common interests or ideas. Social cliques aren’t just for popular kids there are many different groups in all schools. Social cliques are a good thing and a necessary part of school life. Social cliques are a necessary part of school; there are negatives and positives about them. Social cliques start in elementary school and can influence some students all the way through college. There are many different types of cliques, some are obvious like jocks, preps, Goths and nerds but they aren’t all that obvious. They are very common among girls but guys are in cliques too. There are many different ones in schools and some kids belong to a few different cliques. Some students establish extremely solid relationships through cliques; however some are unhappy with their group and want to be in a different one. Social Cliques have an effect on kids in positive ways; they really help some students out. They help develop children’s social skills and help them to make friends with similar interests, which is good because then kids

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