Social Class and the Media

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Justin Simmons Essay 2 Sociology 213 The Blurred Lines of Social Class and how the Media plays a role At first I wasn’t what I wanted to write about. There were three things that really caught my eye; the media, the poor, and the differences in our social class structure. I then realized by putting all three in an essay I can show how some of the beliefs of the social class structure are based on an illusion. An illusion that we live in a society that is equal, especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs. What exactly is social class? People in the U.S most commonly think of social class in terms of income. If you have very little money you are poor, if you have a “decent” job and wage you are middle class, and if you have “tons of money” you are rich or upper class.(The Dialect-Ch.4) In other words anyone can make it to the top of the social ladder if you work hard or have a better education. So it seems that social class is personal rather than an issue of stratification and inequality. We learn that the system treats everyone the same, but again I believe that it is an illusion. Going back to the article by Tim Wise “Whites swim in racial preference”, by looking at the points given to the students applying to the University of Michigan more points are “awarded” to those who are upper class. Lower class students hardly attend what would be considered the “best” schools, so talented students will be unable to access certain points because of where they live and their status. In this article are the hidden inequalities of social class; where people live, where they go to school, and the opportunities they have been afforded. Our initial social placement is based upon the social class of our family or origin. Social class placement has a large influence on our access to and control of social resources. The higher our social
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