Social Class And Single Parenthood

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Researching Social Class and Single Parenthood History has established for us the possibility that changing environments and atmospheres can cause shifts in psychological and social standings (Kottak, 2000, pg 12). How these things are affected and what can be done to discover the nature of these results can only be realized through experiment and research. Science attempts to answer questions in order to further our knowledge. Using this knowledge can help us make changes that can positively affect life and the world as we know it. It can also help predict the expected future statistics, if things continue the way they are. It is important to look at all aspects of the study, in order to come to a viable conclusion that can be used in the future (, 2010). Understanding the findings of a study does not determine the validity of the study unless all variables have been considered and understood. In establishing a relationship between single parenthood and social class, it is imperative to look at the behavior of the people affected by the situation. The dependent variable of this study would be the impact of single parenthood on social class (whether there is one at all). One independent variable we could use would be the location of the family. We would determine how and whether changing the atmosphere or environment would affect the social status of the single parent. The psychological strength of the person will determine how they will deal with the difficulty of single parenthood and whether or not it will affect other aspects of their life. The use of a survey could be used to determine a correlation. Using a survey to discover the various reactions people have to this situation would help determine whether a relationship exists between their social class and their personal status. Surveys work only to the extent that the
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