Social Class and Hidden Curriculmn of Work Essay

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In today’s global community, the class of school one finds him or herself in has a strong impact on one’s life and has the power to shape his or her future. The school I attend is categorized under the middle class schools .My school is basically made up of families with blue collar or middle class white jobs. The income of most families is between $12,000 and $25000, which is considered as a middle class social life. Compared I take a Social, Science, Math and Language- arts in school. Education is principled in my school; and there is a systematic structure of learning. In all the courses I take, little analysis is given on them, and the answers are always in the book. My parents’ income allowed me to attend only a middle class school. This limited education made me fall short in my classes, which limited the kind if job I could get when I graduated. This limited education made my perception in math different because teachers didn’t explain math problems into detail. Every school has its own techniques and methods of teaching its students in each type of course, which shapes the student morally .The teachers in my school use the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experience and the senses. This type of tutoring skills is mostly involved in math. The math in my school involves some options in order to arrive at an answer. The teachers explain a problem several ways and expect the student to come out with a legitimate answer. The Math which is taught in my school involves some voice. That is one may decide to do two digits division the long way or the short way. We also do some math problems in our head. This method is effective but sometimes becomes too much for us students. I wish the teachers could employ different methods in teaching math to us. This limited education made Social studies difficult for me because

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