Social Class Essay

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The Inequalities Relating to Sexual Orientation Oscar Wilde once said that justice in society is not measured by how we treat our most popular citizens, but instead by how we treat our least popular. The profound truth of this statement is demonstrated through the discrimination, prejudice, and inequality in our country relating to sexual orientation. Despite all of the improvements made regarding racial discrimination in the United States seemingly has no effect on the inequity demonstrated toward homosexuals in this day and age. Sadly, on top of all the discrimination and prejudice against homosexuals in our country, we still feel it necessary to deprive gays of one of the most fundamental rights in human society: the right to marry. This research paper will discuss not only the inequalities our country has relating to sexual orientation, but also relate it to two major sociological theories that we have learned about this year: feminism and structural functionalism. Furthermore, it will also discuss the impact of religion on the unequal aspects of sexual orientation. Despite the fact that feminism mostly relates to establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women, it also directly relates to inequality toward sexual orientation. One of the fundamental ideas of feminism is that men cause and benefit from sexism. Sexism is the idea that one gender is less competent than, unequal to, or less important than the other gender (Feminist Theory Website, 1999). Despite the fact that there is no visible relation in the definition of sexism, there is a relation between sexism and negative, unequal attitudes toward homosexuality (Lee, 1996). Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between sexist attitudes and anti-homosexual attitudes. Specifically, males, in comparison to females, were not only more sexist, but held much more

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