Social Class Essay

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The role of women and how it’s tied to social classes Flora Miguel Vicarios Maria Alejandrina Machismo Santiago Nasar simultaneously loved and hated What does it mean that the letters remained unopened? Symbols and theme Mention the cocks, animals, butchery, the cult of death, flowers, trees, colors Santiago’s final walk vs Divina’s vision Although the first sentence of the novel informs the reader that Santiago Nasar is about to be killed, the actual murder scene is withheld until the final pages. • What takes up the intervening pages? • What purpose is served by having the reader wait until the end to “see” the murder itself? • What effect does this have on the reader? In what sense is the inevitability of the murder intensified by the sequence of events García Márquez sets down? Discuss the class system that emerges in the society of Chronicle of a Death Foretold. On what is it based? In what ways does it influence the central action of the novel? discuss how violence and brutality are shown to be an intrinsic part of the life of the town and of the culture it reflects. Discuss the overall attitude to religion that is presented in this novel. Use specific quotes from the book to support your discussion of the place of religion and the supernatural in the lives of the villagers. Odors What’s up with the weather? There are many unanswered questions in this story: Who really violated Angela? Did Victoria Guzman and her daughter know of the assassination plan or not? Did the narrator's sister Margot know of the plot? What was the weather really like that day? Why does Santiago go home without a rifle even though he has been warned about the Vicario

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