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Social Change and Modernization Essay

  • Submitted by: cherryamore66
  • on July 27, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Social Change and Modernization
According to Macionis (2012) society‚Äôs culture and social info structure changes over time.   Social change can cause many problems and issues to occur and it sometimes happens slowly or very fast, depending on the events that take place.   The four characteristics of social change are that it is sometimes intentional and unplanned, it can be controversial, it happens often, and some changes are more important than others. Causes for social change vary between culture, social conflict, ideas, and demographic factors.  
Macionis (2012) states, social changes that change our culture can occur through discovery, invention, and diffusion.   Hall (2011) of Rider News wrote about a man named Einstein who changes the culture of his losing soccer team. Einstein believed he had players who only possessed mediocre skills so he searched the states for players who had exceptional skills to change the culture of the team.   According to Chaloult (2010), Multimillionaires have invested money into countries like Africa to fund Social change for the poor.   These funds have provided education and cleaner and healthier environments for many people. According to Macionis (2012), conflict and inequality can produce change. Conflict can arise between workers and capitalists and Struggles within class, race, and gender can cause change in social culture.   Macionis (2012) explains that our demographics is changing and by year 2030, seniors will account for 20% of the population.   Because of this change healthcare and medical services have shifted and are now focusing on the issues and needs of the elderly population.
The four types of social movement are reformation, revolutionary, alternative, and redemption. Reformation of social movement key feature is limited and is targeted at everyone.   The change could be to promote recycling to create a better environment through simple steps like recycle, reduce, and reuse materials.   A revolutionary movement...

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