Social Change Essay

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It was my first week in Shanghai. I had finally finishing moving everything to my dorm and was eager to explore my new home, so I decided to take a walk around campus. When I was near the guesthouse's entrance I saw two women struggling with their luggage. Kindly, I approached them and asked them if they needed any help. One of the girls turned around as if I have just insulted them and asked me: "Why would you think we need help?" Confused, I replied: "Oh, sorry. I thought you were struggling with those bags and that you could use some help". She didn't reply back, she just stared at me with disapproval and after a few seconds walked away. At first, I believed she might have thought I was hitting on her. Could that have been it? That would't have explained why she was to rude to me. Few weeks later I was assigned to do a project with Masha, one of the girls I met on moving day. When I introduced myself to Masha I recalled the first time we met. She felt embarrassed by the way her roommate, Romana, treated me. She told me that Romana was a feminist, . It all made sense to me now. How could I have not thought of that? I guess I never thought people would assume anything simply because of my sex. I think she might have exaggerated, she 2 could have just accepted my help. Nevertheless, it made me think, if something so insignificant could affect, how would people react when they are real victims of stereotypes, racism or any type of discrimination. Romana and I became good friends. She confessed to me that she had been mistreated by men several times before back in her home town in Russia and that that was why she was so defensive when she first met me. I immediately felt bad for judging her without knowing the reason why she was so rude on moving day. I guess I should have tried to put myself in her shoes before making any assumptions. Will it be ever

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