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M.Berk Icli 20090585 Soci.220 4+4+4 and it’s Consequences Change has been a part of the ordinary for the Turkish society. In the last decade Turkey has been developing in a swift rate and for a country like Turkey change is inevitable to maintain the development. The election in 2002, that resulted with the success of AKP was the start point of radical transitions. Turkey became more conservative and adapted a new foreign policy, which is a success according to authorities, but although Turkey advanced economically and politically there are still question marks on AKP’s intentions on shaping Turkey. A decision the government took concerning the educational system was a significant step towards changing the ways of Turkey. Change in economy, foreign policy or industry were what the society was used to, but the decision to transform education was a new attempt by AKP. Education had it’s share on change in early 2012 with the adaptation of a new educational system called “4+4+4”. On a leading Turkish newspaper called ‘Sabah’ the system is briefly explained like this “The new mandatory primary education system will encompass children from the age of 6 to 13. Children will begin their primary education in the first month of September following their sixth birthdays and will come to a close during the school year in which students turn 14 years old. 
The primary education stages, which includes the first two stages of four years' education each, will entail four years of mandatory elementary education, followed by an additional mandatory four years of middle school education, in which students will be able to choose whether they want to study at a general education middle school or a religious vocational middle school, which are referred to as Imam Hatip schools. After being shut down as part of the strict regulations enforced during the February 28th

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