Social Change Essay

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Social change is the change that occurs over time, it is the transformation of culture and social institution over time. The four characteristics of socializations are as follow; social change affects everyone regardless of social standing or geographical location. Second is that social change takes place according to plan or it could be accidental as part of the consequence of that change. The third would be the change could be controversial, as the results of the change can be as negative as it could be positive change. Lastly is that some changes are more important than other and some produce a bigger impact than others. The four social movements that is currently taking place; • On example of alterative social movement would be the “Speed Kills campaign” by trying to make drivers aware of the danger of speeding, it target a audience of drivers and trying to change the behavior of speeding • Redemptive social movements could be similar drug rehabs where the mission is to help transform drug addicts to life without drug dependency. • Reformative social movement global warming activist that are trying to make a change that would help slowdown the effects of global warming that affects everyone. • Revolutionary social movement that is occurring at the movement is would be politician trying to win over voters and this could make a change that would effect everyone within the united states at the end of the elections. Modernization is how people have changed as industrialization occurred and change that took place with it. As moderation occur so has the bonds and ties within communities declined. As this happened people started to realize that the lives and the choice they make in life is unto them self unlike in port industrialization communities. This also led the diversity that occurs today with people making different choice and not conforming to

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