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Unit 4222-329 Promote positive behaviour (HSC 3019) Level: Credit value: UAN: 3 6 F/601/3764 Unit aim The purpose of this unit is to provide the learner with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote positive behaviour and respond appropriately to incidences of challenging behaviour. Learning outcomes There are six learning outcomes to this unit. The learner will: 1. Understand how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relate to positive behaviour support 2. Understand the context and use of proactive and reactive strategies 3. Be able to promote positive behaviour 4. Be able to respond appropriately to incidents of challenging behaviour 5. Be able to support individuals and others following an incident of challenging behaviour 6. Be able to review and revise approaches to promoting positive behaviour Guided learning hours It is recommended that 44 hours should be allocated for this unit, although patterns of delivery are likely to vary. Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national standards This unit is linked to the HSC 326, 337 and 398. Support of the unit by a sector or other appropriate body This unit is endorsed by Skills for Care and Development. Assessment This unit must be assessed in line with Skills for Care and Development's QCF Assessment Principles. Learning outcomes 3, 4, 5 and 6 must be assessed in a real work environment. Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (4222-21) 279 Unit 4222-329 Promote positive behaviour (HSC 3019) Assessment Criteria Outcome 1 The learner can: 1. explain how legislation, frameworks, codes of practice and policies relating to positive behaviour support are applied to own working practice 2. define what is meant by restrictive interventions 3. explain when restrictive interventions may and may not be used 4. explain who

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