Social Bond Theory and General Strain Essay

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Final Writing Assignment The relationship between Social Bond Theory, General Strain Theory, and Criminal Behavior By: Criminology M, W, F 1:00pm Abstract Criminal behavior has been talked about in many different ways, and there are many different theories on why it caused. I am going to talk about the social bond theory and the general strain theory. These two theories really focus on environment and surroundings of the individual. I will look at research articles for each of the theories and also talk about a person who engaged in criminal behavior and what I think caused their criminal behavior based on general strain theory and social bond theory. General Strain Theory “Strain theories state that certain strains or stressors increase the likelihood of crime. These strains lead to negative emotions, such as frustration and anger.” (Agnew& Scheverman, 2010) This theory really focuses on who someone deals with certain stressors happening in their life. If someone is angry will they handle the situation in a calm/ prosocial way or a violent/criminal way? I find this theory interesting because stress plays a role in everyone’s daily life, and I am a strong believer in there being a reason for everyone’s actions. I think that a lot of criminals engage in criminal behavior because they are dealing with some pretty intense stuff and they use crime as a way to handle the situation they are in. The independent variable involving this theory would be what is causing the strain on the individual, and the dependent variable would be what the individual does to deal with the specific strain. I read a research article called, The Relationship between injustice and crime: A general strain theory approach. This article focused on how people handled different situations depending on specific stresses happening in their life. The article surveyed 160 males and

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