Social Behaviour Change and Hiv/Aids Essay

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3. Introduction The purpose of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) education is not only to disseminate information, but also to change attitudes and behaviours. This is done to empower people with life skills and help them to prevent the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and help them care for those who are already affected by HIV/AIDS (Van Dyk 2012:152). The AIDS Control and Prevention (AIDSCAP) Project’s Behaviour Change Communication Unit has developed a manual to help planners and implementers to use as a strategy to develop successful behaviour change interventions. This manual uses an eight level communication pyramid to illustrate this strategy and devotes a section to each level. This paper will use the AIDSCAP manual as a framework to explore, the Communication Pyramid Model as a strategy for successful behaviour change interventions with emphases to the eight steps of the pyramid to study a sample group of ten university students as target audience to answer a research question: “What are the factors contributing to unsafe sexual practices amongst college/university students in Swaziland”? The participants will answer a questionnaire in order for the researcher to draw conclusions regarding their characteristics and behavioural risk factors that might lead to HIV transmission in their communities. A meeting will be conducted to give participants the researcher’s conclusions, after which the researcher together with participants will explore changes needed for each of the risk factors identified, to prevent HIV infection amongst the target group. The researcher will then formulate a clear message brochure for the target group. 3.1 The Communication Pyramid Model [pic] (adapted from http://www.indiansocial worker.blogsp) 3.1.1 Level 1: Risk Factors Risk factors for HIV/AIDS transmission form the base of the

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