Social Back Round In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Social back round is of vital importance in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and strongly determines the past and future of many of the characters. Discuss Of Mice and Men is a novel that criticizes the need of being involved with another individual. The title itself is written as tribute to a poem that Robert Burns has written, ‘The mouse’. In this poem, the mice are given human qualities, as if the mice had a destiny much like us humans. What Burns is trying to state is that each individual has its own destiny that later in life would come to haunt you. As a back round of the novel, it was written in the late 1930’s where America has suffered the great depression. A horrible time that leads many of its citizens to travel from one place to another in…show more content…
This here’s my room. Nobody got any right in here but me.’ Crooks’ deformed back deprives him of working with the other men, thereby denying him last opportunity for personal contact with them. While the other men work together in the fields “bucking” grain sacks or harvesting crops, Crooks must sit all alone in his little room in the barn mending harnesses and doing other menial labor. Curley’s wife is perhaps the most character which readers tend to feel sorry for. Since she is the only woman on the ranch, she is set apart from the others. Curley, her own husband ignores her. He does not regard his wife as a person needing love and companionship, but rather as an object which can be put aside, pushed around. Instead of being attentive to his wife, Curley is frequently going out with “the boys” to a whorehouse. Curley’s wife has no love for her husband and wished to leave him, but her final escape route is blocked since her father is deceased and her mother doesn’t want her. Curley’s wife tries to find companionship with the other men on the ranch but they ignore her or try to brush her off fearing if that they are caught associating with her, they will lose their

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