Social and Cultural Diversity in Movie Smoke Signals

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During my viewing of the film Smoke Signals, I tried to pay attention to the concepts presented in the Course of Social and Cultural Diversity. I was aware the fact that the film was listed for a critique because it includes privilege, power, and difference issues. However, I didn`t notice a lot of them initially. That fact forced me to think deeply in order to understand what I could overlook. I began research by Internet about Indians, their history, and culture. Suddenly, I realized what does my blank mean. I am new in the US. I was raised in a different country with different history and culture. Due to this fact, I was deprived of the stereotype about Indians which was cultivated in the United States from a generation to generation. Stereotyping is a common practice in today’s society. What happens when you use stereotypes is you draw on preconceived notions about certain racial or ethnic groups to define a person or group of people. These preconceived views may not be entirely true. Many races and ethnic groups are often hurt by these stereotypes. So long as I do not have this stereotype due to my isolation from this culture, I viewed a different picture through this movie. First of all, the movie Smoke Signals gave me a colorful picture of what life is like on an Indian reservation in modern times. For me, it was pretty sad but very philosophic life story which happened with real people. These people keep their distinctive traditional Coeur d'Alene Indian’s lifestyle. It is obvious that people from Indian reservation are poor and isolated from rest of the world. However, I didn`t feel that they were straggled from particular that fact. On the other hand, after my research, I was conscious about several stereotypes which an author tried to appear. The stereotype of the alcoholic is one that is very dominant in this

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