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Social Analysis

  • Submitted by: Lizel1
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Social Analysis Report

Lizel Anonay

GNED 500 Global Citizenship

Richard Williamson
March 31, 2014

By a method of investigating the reasons of why social problems begin in the first place is called Social Analysis. It helps us to develop a critical awareness that can lead us to a social action and towards social justice. It provides a tool to explore how social problems develop and create strategies for a social change. Important questions in organizing a social analysis are who is affected, understanding why these social problems exist, and what can we do to solve or act on it. The growing rate of social problems exists locally or globally that affects individuals. Social Problems are like poverty, war, homelessness, racism, human trafficking, discrimination, and etc. Racism and discrimination has been progressing over the many years, where we have seen an increased amount of care being provided by the lawsuits. Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of people whereas racism is discrimination against someone of a different race. Racism and discrimination can be on the streets, at work or when applying for a job or promotion, when dealing with the police or courts, in a store, bank or restaurant, and etc. In short, racism and discrimination happens everywhere and anywhere. Over 50% of female and 50% of male were being discriminated in the workplace. (Canada Statistics, 2013) Social Problems such as racism and discrimination in the workplace connects to Global Citizenship (GNED 500) course by examining, critically analyzing the problem(s), share some experiences to the class and as a global citizen, we students can do social actions to lessen the increasing rate of social problems. And also it is dealing with the citizens of the world not just a specific kind of person.
Lizel Anonay is one of the member of the group has been experienced discrimination in the...

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