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Learning aim B P3 p4 - Describe ways in which care workers can empower individual in HSC setting What is empowerment? As part as this assignment I will be describing how the service provider will empower the service user. Empowerment is giving someone the authority or power to do something, in a health and social care setting it a about putting the service user in the centre of their care and putting their needs first. There may be some situations where the service provider cannot put the service user needs first because it could be dangerous to the service users. For example if a service user want to go and get drunk but it could harm them because they are taking medication then the service provider could not put the service user needs first because it putting the service user at risk. Empowerment is about the service user gaining control over their own life and decides what they want in their life and none else make that choice for them. For example instead of the service provider doing it for the service user, the service provider give the service user the power and encouragement to do it themselves. if a service provider ask a service user if they want a drink then the service user could pour them self a drink, this allowing the service user to do thing for themselves and be independent. What is a care plan? A care plan is an agreement between the service provider and the service user to help manage the service user health day to day. It can be a written document or something recorded in your service user notes. A care plan is for a service user that has a long term condition; it will help assess the care that the person need and it will tell you how it needs to be provided. A care plan is an assessment of the service user individual needs for example the service user likes

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