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Chapter – 5: Social Class Chapter – 5: Social Class The Process of Social Stratification: There are some people who stand high in the community while others rank low in the community. We refer to these levels as social strata or classes. Social stratification then is the general term whereby people in a society are ranked by other members of a society into higher and lower social positions, which produces a hierarchy of respect or prestige. The term social class is used here in the descriptive, not normative, sense. That is we are not implying that one class is better than another. We are simply describing the class structure, as we know it to be. Some may resent such a discussion or be uncomfortable about it, feeling it is undemocratic. However, social class exists and their patterns must be understood if the marketer is to be successful. The Nature of Social Class: The term social class has been defined as a group consisting of a number of people who have approximately equal positions in a society. These positions may be achieved rather than ascribed, with some opportunity existing for upward or downward movement to other class. Social class has the following six basic characteristics: (i) Social Classes Exhibits Status: Social class and status are not equivalent. Status generally refers to one’s rank in the social system, as perceived by other members of society. An individual’s status, therefore, is a function not only of the social class to which he belongs but also of his personal characteristics. Each society subjectively establishes its set of values. These values are reflected in the ideal types of people in that society. That is, those who more nearly conform to the ideal are accorded more respect and prestige, while those who confirm less nearly are ranked lower by the society. In one country, members of the armed services may be accorded the

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