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• VICTORIAN SPORTS TO BENEFIT FROM NEW BETTING REGIME The Bracks Government’s push for a national sports betting framework has taken a major step forward with Minister for Gaming, John Pandazopoulos, releasing draft Victorian legislation and a timeline for introducing a regime for Victorian events (other than racing). “We are taking the lead role and have developed Australia’s first sports betting policy and draft legislation. Sports need systems in place to ensure the highest level of integrity,” he said. “The popularity of sports betting is growing and we are developing a new Victorian regime to avoid disputes, legal action, integrity concerns and a loss of interest in that sport and ensure sports receive a financial benefit from gambling that takes place on their events. “Across the country peak sporting bodies - including the Coalition of Major Professional Sports (COMPS) which represents tennis, rugby, rugby league, golf, soccer and cricket - are calling for more control over sports wagering, integrity and the return of revenue. “There is national backing for a fairer distribution of the sports gambling dollar and this policy will help develop a national framework to ensure the best outcome for all sports and all states.” Mr Pandazopoulos said the new Victorian sports betting regime would deliver economic benefits to peak sporting bodies with flow on benefits to grassroots sports. Importantly, the heads of key national sporting codes have backed the Bracks Government’s nation leading policy. “The Bracks Government’s policy and proposed legislation conforms with the principles and will hopefully deliver the outcomes we have been working with government to achieve,” Ben Sellenger, Chief Executive, PGA Tour of Australasia,
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