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Social Psychology Definition PSY/400 May 12, 2012 Joe Gaines Social Psychology Definition Social Psychology is defined as a science that studies the influences of our situations with special attention to how people view and affect one another. More precisely, it is the scientific study of how people influence, think about, and relate to each other (Myers, 2010). So when learning about Social Psychology we see that it looks at vast variety of social ideas and topics. Some of these topics and social ideas that it does focus on are topics, such as; social perception, leadership, group behavior, aggression, nonverbal behavior, and prejudice. One must also be aware that Social psychology also touches base on social interaction as well as social perception. Main Ideas of Social Psychology Some of the main ideas that are sought out by social psychology are; 1) social intuition 2) the makeup of our social reality 3) how social psychology’s principles can be adapted and applied in everyday life and 4) how personal attitudes, social influences, biology, and personality shape our behavior (Myers, 2010). Our behavior is shaped by many influences some external and some internal. Humans are social animals, meaning that our cultural situations often define our circumstances. It is also seems that our personality and attitudes often play an important role in the shaping of our behavior, which sometime reinforce or offset social pressures. Above all; the concept that we are social organisms who operate on many levels and have many different influences which assist in explaining the verity of human behaviors. Finally, the practical application of a social psychology’s explanations and analytical tools to attitudes, the relationships of everyday life, and subjective beliefs can help an individual to have a better understanding of oneself, and to make better
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