Sociable Quiet Person Essay

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The Sociable Quiet Person — a Life World Analysis 1. You’ve explained that you see yourself as a person who enjoys solitude. Could you describe an event that illustrates this? I think any time I’m engaging in any, like, interrogative, like, processes like trying to understand myself or um just thinking about like, the social space that I inhabit or some type of dynamic, you know? About like the world or just like in general, you know? Things that ive observed or things that I think I’ve learned, things that I want to think about critically, or, you know things that are maybe abstract, that I want to work out um because I do that a lot, you know like, a lot of reflection or introspection and anytime that I engage in that type of process, I like my space, you know? Because the solitude allows me to have more clarity, you know? Cause my thoughts are clustered as it is and uh…. Some times people can just be distractions. 2. What can you tell me about your social life? That’s a general question, um… Although I enjoy my free time, I also think like, engaging with other people, especially, you know, good people, 3. Can you give a memorable story that illustrates the creative benefits of solitude? 4. Is there a particular bodily experience (feeling) associated with solitude? 5. How is the sense of time affected by the experience of solitude? 6. How does the experience of solitude affect your sense of identity? 7. What words come to mind when you think of solitude? (Follow up,,,) 8. Can you tell me about a particular instance when you were in a social environment, but would have preferred to be alone? 9. Can you tell me about a particular instance when you were alone, but would have preferred to be in a social

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