Soccer Slave Trade Essay

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soccInformative speech outline Stephen Kainec General Purpose: To inform. Introduction: You’re a poor child, who spends most your time working in a field under the hot African sun for all hours of the day, just so your family can eat. The only relief from this grueling life style is when you and your friends get together, and play a game of soccer. You love playing soccer more than any thing, it’s the one relief you have from your work in the fields, and you’re the best around at it. One day a man dressed in a business suit come to your village, and offers to take you out of the field to do nothing but play soccer at state-of-the-art facilities, and eventually become a professional in Europe, and finally move your family out of the fields. You’d probably take this offer right? * Let me tell you why you wouldn’t, Once you’re in, there’s no easy way to leave. * The facilities and surrounding areas are often worse than what they came from. * And if a team in Europe does not choose you, you’re on your own, with no way back home. Thesis: Though Soccer Academies for children may seem beneficial, they are often harmful and are in need of reform. I. Many children get stuck in these soccer camps. * The children are easy prey. * The children put in these camps are promised to one day go to Europe and become professional soccer players. * The recruiters target families that are in need of money, promising that money will start pouring in as soon as their son is signed to a European team. Recruiters will open try outs, and only 1 in a1,000 kids will be selected. (from Spiegel Online) * Some academies are free; others often cost a family’s yearly salary. II. Children and their families are mislead in to thinking they’re going to a world class facility. *

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