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Soccer ; not just a sport, a way of life. As a child I always admired soccer not only as a sport or an activity but as a way of life I was first introduced to this reknown sport at the age of five years old. It was from this point forward that the simple gesture of kicking a ball around further developed into perfecting the applied rules of the game with admiration and amusement. My father, always one step ahead of the game, observed my profound skills and immediately looked into ways in which I could get recognized. It was he who enrolled me into a debuting association in order to get me started. This led to my acceptance in a competitive league at the age of 8. Soon after, at the age of 13, I was playing for a AAA team; a team ranked at the highest level in Quebec. This encouraged me to strive for perfection; better myself in hopes of improving my individual performance level and strengths. My father remained by my side every step I took. It was the love and encouragement that streamed through his eyes every time he saw me play, that made me feel a sense of gratitude. I envisioned myself defeating the odds and…show more content…
Everything was as it was before my injuries had occurred. Everything but the recognition of my personal boundaries remained the same. It was during this period that the preparations for National Vio Championships had began to take place. As a unity, the learn, worked hard in order to strategically forma a solid and undefeatable shield. As a result we came out with a solid defeat, which led us to finals. The championship held in Fredericton was outstanding for the organizers in charge, spoiled us with the highest levels of service and comport. Although we honored our place with great achievement and honor we fell short in the final losing to Alberta 1-0. We took home the silver medal, but I took home the goal scoring championship, a moment in my life that is

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