Soccer Is Who I Am.

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Soccer is Who I Am. Soccer has been a hobby of mine for many years, which has helped me through the years to become who I am. My team is truly a family we are,“ all for one and one for all,” and put each other before anything else. I wake up every Sunday morning to be a part of that family and be their leader both on and off the field. Soccer has helped me become a better leader as a student, and in my community, where I play a role and try to achieve my best at everything I do. Whether, it is working to become a better person, an excellent student, or an outstanding member of my community. Throughout my years of soccer my coaches and parents have been there to build me into the man I am today, without soccer I don’t know where I would be today. Although, many people believe that the coaches and my parents have been the one to influence me to become who I am, I believe that soccer and its discipline have been the foundation to help me and define who I am now. I started playing soccer at the age of five those were the most magnificence days growing up. My parents would dress me up in my uniform and make sure I was ready to play. As we drove to the game my parents would always try reminding me that it was a team sport and not a one-person sport. I never understood what they meant I was only five years old, so I would just respond I know when really I didn’t know. As I young child I did not understand all the rules or why every time I had the ball my mom and dad would jump out of their seats as if I was doing something wrong, and start to screaming hysterically “kick it, kick it.” My dad would try to teach me the rules little by little until I started to understand that concept of it. He would always tell me that when I played I had to trust my team and past the ball and show teamwork, so that team could win. As I started to grow up, I got more into playing soccer

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