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The Championship Game It’s a Thursday night and it’s the big championship game everyone is so pumped to beat Eastview, but Nevaeh isn’t because she never gets to play. Everyone makes fun of her because she isn’t the brightest basketball player. “Hahaha, have fun playing left out tonight Nevaeh.” Laughed Harley. Harley is the best basketball player on the team and she knows it. She picks on Nevaeh every game day because she plays and Nevaeh usually sits the bench. But there’s a reason for her not sitting the bench she’s not very coordinated but she tries her hardest that’s why she made the team. The team is in the locker room getting ready for the game while coach Brock is giving his usual pregame speech. While the girls are walking out of the locker room coach Brock stops Nevaeh. “Nevaeh make sure your ready to play tonight I have a bad feeling about Harley, she hurt her ankle today in gym and I don’t know how we she’s gonna play.” He said. “But coach im not nearly as good as Harley and she’s point guard.” Said Nevaeh nervously. “I know.” Said coach Brock. As coach Brock walked out of the locker room Nevaeh had a nervous look on her face but she took a deep breath and walked out of the locker room. As she walked to the bench she looked around and saw how many people came and that are still walking in. Her Nerves started to kick in and her palms of her hands got all sweaty and her stomach dropped a mile. “ I have to play in front of all these people, oh boy here we go!” Nevaeh said to herself. “it’s time to start warming up kiddo.” Said coach Brock When the buzzer went off and the game was about to start coach Brock started to name off the starting positions. When he was done he sat back down and watched the game. The whistle blew eastview got the ball first the defence was doing pretty good, Harley got the rebound(of course) she dribbled the

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