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GlenEd Training Sessions Week of August 16th Topic: Individual/Small Group Defending Session Goals: 1. Introduce/Refine Role of 1st Defender 2. Establish good footwork, balance of defenders 3. Start ideas of forcing attackers one way 5 min. Warm-Up: Individual ball dribbling in a small grid. Each player to a ball. Encourage moves and creativity so defenders have to actually work in the exercises. 10 min. Exercise # 1-Knee Tag Set-Up: Match players up with a partner. Stand 5 yds. apart from each other. Partner attempts to tag the other partner knee. First one to 5 wins. Switch partners after a win. Coaching Points 1. Arrive Balanced. Knees bent, hips low to ground, get close, stay on toes. 15 min. Exercise # 2-Individual Footwork Set-Up: Partner and a ball, lined up 10 yds. away from each other. 1. Player A passes to player B and closes attacker at speed while calling out “I got ball”. Attacker dribbles back across the grid allowing the defender to stay in front and work on moving feet and keeping attacker in front. Defender DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO WIN BALL. Switch roles. 2. Next phase is for attacker to dribble in a zig zag pattern while still allowing defender to stay in front. Coaching Points 1. Defender must close the ball at speed, arrive balanced. 2. Defender should get touch tight, where they get a hand on the attacker and then drop off a few steps to keep attacker in front. 3. Low stance to the ground. 15 min. Exercise # 3- 1v1 PLAY Set-Up: B. C A. D Have players in each line (make two grids if necessary). Player A passes ball first player in line C. A pressures the ball and arrives balanced. Player C attempts to dribble to line A. Exercise is over

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