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Amritpal Singh Instructor- Craig Kelly English 101c 12/10/2012 Money Buys Success The modern game of soccer known as Football outside the United States of America has been played with modern rules since the mid-19th century in England(wiki). Since then football has grown to extraordinary heights becoming the most followed sport on the planet. A perfect example of the following can be gauged by the 2011 Champions League final game between Manchester United and Barcelona which had more viewership than the Super Bowl itself. The European club football always draws more fan following, Manchester United is the world’s most valuable sports club valued at 1.86 billion dollars (Forbes most valuable sports club). European Soccer clubs surely have a lot of star power and glamour but money has made the game unfair as the big clubs always scoop the best talent by paying an extraordinary signing amount for the top players. The big European clubs have huge piles of debt mostly brought on by buying big name players for huge sums of money that the club cannot afford it. The top European clubs share a staggering 2 billion dollars in debt, these clubs fail to break even on their accounts at the end of each year (Europe's top soccer clubs face major debt issues). The reason behind their continued expansion is because most of these soccer clubs have big money backings of billionaire owners. The question is not that the clubs will have to file for bankruptcy, as they will always find financial backing from politicians, public and their rich owners but is it fair for the other clubs who try to stay within the means of the club and do not overspend like the big clubs with billionaire backing. To stop this ever so growing debt of soccer clubs and to balance the competition between clubs, FIFA and all the European soccer associations should come with a plan to stop this. Clubs should

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