Socartes Account Of Erotic Love

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Socrates Account of Erotic Love In Plato’s Symposium many different philosophers discuss there views on erotic love but mostly all of them have one major point in which they all agree. This major point is that they all agree that Love is a god. They all have different reasonings about how they feel love is good and bad and this and that but Socrates on the other hand seems to be above all of this and has a greater understanding of what love truly is. He goes into explaining the more in detailed love, talks of how love is something much other than a god. “Don’t force whatever is not beautiful to be ugly, or whatever is not good to be bad. It’s the same with Love: when you agree he neither good nor beautiful, you need not think he is ugly or and bad; he could be something in between.”(46, Symposium) Socrates said this because he knew that Love cannot possibly be a god since he lacks beauty but he must be something between mortal and immortal. Socrates believes that Love is rather a great spirit who is in search of more than just beauty on the outside. The beauty that Socrates speaks of is an internal beauty that he believes is one of the main goals of love. Socrates said,” After this he think that beauty of people’s souls is more valuable than the of their bodies.”(58, Symposium) For Socrates the highest point of madness is that people constantly want what they don’t have. Socrates feels that love is found mainly in beautiful things because people usually only look to find love in beautiful things. That’s why normally people like to find a mate that is beautiful because they like to have things that are enjoyable to look at. Socrates said, “Since he is pregnant, then, he is much more drawn to bodies that are beautiful than to those that are ugly.” He said this because no one ever wants to really look at something that they feel is ugly they want that of what

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